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Brighton and Newhaven Fish Sales Shop

Our shop

Our shop “FISH” is a great local retail experience.

We have just undergone a major refurbishment as we hit our 10 year anniversary since opening. We have also made some great changes which include, “ready to eat” and “Ready to cook” products on the counter.

We have also made a conscious decision as a company in minimise plastic packaging. We want to encourage our customers to bring their own bags or Tupperware boxes and be rewarded with a loyalty card which we get stamped each time bring in your own packaging. Paper bags and “bags for life” will be available to purchase over the counter at a small cost.

The shop by Hove Lagoon offers the widest selection of local fish and shellfish caught by our fleet of boats. We also stock seafood from further afield in order to offer our customers the best possible choice of seafood.

From fresh fish to live shellfish, frozen and complimentary products, our skilled and knowledgeable team can assist you with the purchase and preparation of your seafood requirements.


Shop opening times                                                         

Monday 8am – 4pm

Tuesday 8am – 4pm

Wednesday 8am – 4pm

Thursday 8am – 4pm

Friday 8am – 4pm

Saturday 8am – 4pm

Sunday – CLOSED

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Fish prep courses - details

Fish & Shellfish Preparation Courses

Course 1: This hands on course covers techniques such as dressing a crab, cleaning squid, gutting bream and filleting mackerel. Plenty of fish to take home with you. £35 per person.
Tuesday 24th March @ 7pm
Course 2: This course covers techniques to fillet round fish such as bream and whiting as well as flat fish such as plaice. Plenty to take home. £40 per person.
Tuesday 31st March @ 7pm

If you would like to book a place then give us a call on 01273 420123 or pop into the shop. Courses are non-refundable once paid but can be used by someone else.





How to fillet a bass (round fish)

How to dress a crab



How to fillet a flat fish

How to clean a seabass