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Our Fish Market

Respecting the Sea

All the fish landed by our fleet is sorted, electronically graded and weighed in our modern refrigerated fish market building, before it is offered for sale to our clients. At present, 90% of the vessels landing to BNFS are small inshore “day-boats”, which land fish to the market within hours of capture. This ensures that our fish and shellfish are of the highest quality and freshness.

Our client base includes fish shops, pubs, clubs, hotels, and restaurants, wholesale and catering companies throughout the UK and export customers across Europe. Our products are packaged to the individual client’s requirements before being shipped to their destination using either our own transport or via dedicated fish transport infrastructure.

Our discerning customers quite rightly insist upon fish supplies being 100% legal and caught within all current UK and EU Fisheries legislation. In practise this means that we at BNFS ensure that all boats landing to our market have sufficient quota for all species that they land. With sustainable working practices such as these, BNFS pride ourselves as being in the forefront of the movement to achieve a truly sustainable, local fishing industry.

We are heavily involved in discussions relating to the management of the local and National Fishing Industry, sitting on various committees that shape current and future fisheries management policy, and as such we are well placed to continue to deliver high quality fish and shellfish with full provenance, well into the future