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Our Fleet

BNFS handles many varieties of sea fish and shellfish. Species such as Dover Sole, Plaice, Lemon Sole, Brill, Turbot, Cod, Cuttlefish, Black Bream, Sea Bass, Whelks, and Scallops are but a few that inhabit the local area. The local sea area is a truly mixed fishery providing copious variety of top quality fish and shellfish.

The vessels that land to BNFS are small inshore day-boats that land their catch within hours of capture, thus ensuring the fish is of the highest quality. They rely on seasonal fisheries native to this area and work closely with local authorities to enable consumers and the community to benefit from sustainably caught fish and shell fish.

The local catching sector is comprised of vessels with multi-purpose capabilities, adapting to make the most of the seasonal variations indigenous to this area.

Evie Mae

Evie Mae is an under-10m multipurpose catamaran. She has the ability to adapt fishing methods to take advantage of inshore seasonal fisheries.

In the early part of the year in the cold winter months she fishes for available demersal species such as Cod, Dover Sole and Plaice.

During the spring, when the weather settles and temperatures increase, the annual local Cuttlefish fishery commences. Lasting 6-8 weeks this inky season is short, but provides an opportunity for Evie Mae and other native inshore vessels.

The warm summer months bring further opportunity for Evie Mae in the form of the whelk fishery.

In the autumn months whelk pots are stored ashore and replaced by static nets targeting species such as Sole, Plaice, Turbot, Brill, Skate and Pollock. Weather permitting, this method of fishing continues into the final months of the year along with opportunistic fisheries such as Sea Bass presenting themselves when conditions are optimal.

Catherine Anne II

Similar in design to the Evie Mae, the Catherine Anne II is an under-10m multipurpose catamaran. She utilises a number of different fishing methods throughout the year in order to adapt to the local inshore seasons.

Catherine Anne II spends much of the year fishing on non-quota species such as Whelks and Cuttlefish.


Brejon is a 7m mono-hull vessel working daily out of Shoreham Harbour.

Working a combination of nets and pots she makes use of inshore grounds searching for species such as Crab, Lobster, Cod, Sole, Plaice, Skate, Brill, Turbot and Bass; pursuing seasonal changes in the local mixed fishery.

Libby Lou

Libby Lou is a 7 metre owner-operated day boat working out of Brighton Marina.

Working fixed nets she targets demersal species such as Dover Sole, Plaice, Brill, Turbot, Cod and Skate. During the winter she diversifies into the heavily regulated Bass fishery, working with the authorities in order to protect the fishery for future generations.

Imogen Leigh

The second of the new builds, the Imogen Leigh is a state-of-the-art 12-metre catamaran.  Built to a very high specification she has the arsenal to dependably deliver seasonal day-boat quality fish in order to satisfy consumer needs.

Like many vessels in the inshore fleet she has the ability to adapt to make the most of available local fisheries such as Whelks, Cuttlefish, Dover Sole, Skate, Cod and Plaice.

Scarlett B

Scarlett B is the latest addition to our fleet. She is the younger sister to Imogen Leigh, and is built to the same high specification to pursue local seasonal fisheries.

Scarlett B is the first vessel in the fleet to be equipped with a purpose built on-board sea water tank system enabling her to store live shellfish aboard in order to ensure the catch is of the highest quality when landed to our fish market.

New Vessels

The fishing industry in the South East region has seen significant investment in recent years, from the upgrading of shore-based infrastructure to the introduction of new and replacement vessels into the local fleet.

We have ourselves committed to 3 new builds over a 5 year period in order to utilise local seasonality with the aim of meeting the ever increasing demand for sustainably caught day boat quality fish and shellfish.

Other vessels you may see here.

The following are a selection of fishing boats that can be seen off the Sussex Coast and who land their catch to our market.