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Home Delivery Service by BNFS

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Orders for can be placed by phone 01273 414 707 between 8am & 2pm (Monday-Friday) for delivery the following day between 8am & 2pm. The minimum amount for delivery is £20. All payments by credit or debit card only.   Also see our New Online Shop

Postcode areas covered: BN1, BN2, BN3, BN5, BN6, BN7, BN8, BN9, BN10, BN11, BN12, BN13, BN14, BN15, BN41, BN42, BN43, BN44, BN45, RH13, RH14, RH15, RH16, RH17, RH20

HOME DELIVERY SERVICE – Product List Updated: 14/07/20 @7.15am

From our Boats/Locally Sourced 
Wild Plaice 450-550g£4.50 each
Chalkstream Trout Fillet 160-180g£4.25 each
Wild Lemon Sole 350-450g £6.50 each
Wild Hake Fillet 160-180g £3.45 each
Devon Dressed Crab (Handpicked)£9 each
UK Scallops (pack of 6)£8.50 per pack
Rock Oysters (Carlingford Bay)£12 per Dozen (incl. Knife)
West Country Mussels (2kg Bag)£8 per bag
Poole Bay Clams (1kg Bag)£13.50 per bag
REGULAR PRODUCTSavailable daily 
Fresh Products 
Fresh Salmon Fillet 160-180g £3.75 each
Fresh Cod Fillet 160-180g £3.75 each
Fresh Haddock Fillet 160-180g £3.50 each
Fish Pie Mix (White fish, salmon, smoked haddock) 500g bag£4.50 each  
Fresh Tuna Steak 160-180g£6.50 each
Fresh Mackerel£3.50 each 
Farmed Sea Bass Fillet £4.50 each 
Farmed Sea Bream Fillet£3.75 each
Smoked Products 
Smoked Haddock Fillet 160-180g £3.50 each
Smoked Salmon 200g£6.50 each
Smoked Mackerel 200g£2.50 each
Frozen Products 
Cooked Cockle Meat (1kg bag)£16.00 per bag
Cooked Whelk meat (500g bag)£12.50 per bag
Cooked Peeled King Prawns Tail On (1kg bag) £13.50 per bag
Handmade Fish Cakes pack of 2 (Cod, Salmon & Smoked Haddock)**£6 per pack 
Whole Kippers (pack of 2)£5.50 per pack
Raw Peeled King Prawns (1kg bag)£12 per bag 
Cooked Shell on Prawns (500g bag)£4.25 per bag
Squid Tubes (1kg bag)£6 per bag
Whole Black Tiger Prawn (1kg pack)£12 per pack
Deluxe Seafood Mix (1kg bag) £8.50 per bag
Royal Greenland Cocktail Prawn (200g bag)£5 per bag
South coast Scallop Meat (500g bag)£12.50 per bag
Breaded Whole tail Scampi (1kg bag)**£15 per bag
Breaded Plaice Goujons (454g bag)**£4.50 per bag
Breaded Butterflied Prawns (500g box)£5.90 per box
Battered Squid Rings (500g bag)**£4 per bag
**Marked frozen items can be cooked in the oven 
Store Cupboard 
Brighton Honey 340g Jar£8.50 each
Fish Soup (780g Jar)£5 per Jar
Crab Soup (780g Jar)£5.50 per Jar
Lobster Soup (780g Jar)£5.90 per Jar
Parsley Sauce (250g Pouch)£4.50 each
Fish Pie Sauce (400g Pouch)£4.50 each
Hollandaise Sauce (250g Pouch)£4.50 each

Please Note: All weights are approximate. Portions are cut by hand, so there may be some minor variation in size and weight.

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